Fielder Family Reunion 

Early Fielders

Hammett Herman Fielders's grandparents
Mrs. Rufus Fielder (nee Mary Dailey at 46 years)
and Major Rufus Fielder (at 75 years)


The 2016 Fielder Family Reunion was FANTASTIC!

Thanks to Julie and Lisa for organizing such an incredible gathering!

Thanks to Sis & Dick for the Friday pizza party!

Thanks to Julie, Bill & Tammy and Carrie & Shad for the Saturday dinner party!

Thanks to Buzz & Barb for the hotel dinner on Sunday!

Thanks to Cubby for the final night BBQ and fireworks!

A great time was had by all!

Stay tuned for news about the next reunion - possibly in Austin, Texas!


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Lee and Chelle's pictures from AZ 2016

Lee and Chelle's pictures from CA 2010

Lee and Chelle's pictures from CO 2007